Friday, 19 December 2008

London ! Here I come ~


Arrived in London yesterday... After Maghrib we went to Oxford Street.. Amik gambar2 lampu... hehe.. then had dinner at Nando's !! Enjoy the pics :D

Going to Spain tomorrow ~ With Angah and my new buddy !! Didoakan kitaorg selamat pergi dan balik ~ Ameen ~ hee...

Bye.. Salam wbt ~

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


It's Wednesday !!! Tomorrow i'm going to London... Yipee !! Angah jgn perasan eh.. bukannya sbb rindu tp sbb bosan !!!! Dok teperap kat rumah ni... But, i did quite a lot of stuff when i'm at home.. Alone...

I cleaned the toilet, bathroom and kitchen.... Defrost freezers.. (we have 2 btw).. Cuci fridge.. basuh baju... haha.. kemas bilik... siapkan anatomy nye project !! and tlg Mia, Wina n Kak Su pindah rumah... I like their new house !! Sgt2 moden and cantik ~ Tapi telupa nak amik gambar ~ huhuhu... And semlm tdo kat rumah BARU diaorg... Had nasik lemak for breakfast... nyum2...

This is for people at home.. termasuk angah... Sapa tau ape halba in english ?? Halba yg mama letak dalam nasi lemak tu !! haha....


Need to continue packing... See u angah in less than 24 hours.. tada ~

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Home... Where the Heart Is !!!

Totally agree with ANGAH ~

Adlina is growing up !! She can even sing "bangun pagi"... I miss her !!! And I want to go back and meet Ariff jugak ~

7 months to go !!!

Sob.. sob.. sob ~

Ariff.. He'll be around 7 months by summer !

Missing home sooooo badly ~


My 2nd home ~

12 Mynachdy Road

Heyya ~

Well... Nothing much to say today.... Got back from the gym ~ haha... Demi menunaikan hasrat untuk menjadi "Mak Cik Cantik" ~ haha..

My 2nd year seems to be more challenging and exciting ~ First of all it's because of my house... heh... I guess that I'm very lucky... I have nice housemates plus a perfect house ~ What a package !! hehe.. Em.. last year I was having trouble time cari rumah for my 2nd year... But one day, during lunch time, Jen said that they are looking for another housemate... So, I told her that I'm still looking for a place to live in.. At that time, tak de la kenal Jen sgt... Kenal pun because we are in the same tutorial group and salu placement skali... So, time tu la baru kenal Jen and Megan.. Went to view the house with them after that.. Sekali pandang rumah tu, terus jatuh cinta ~ haha.. So, setuju la nak dok rumah tu...

But... to tell the truth, agak risau la nak dok rumah ni dgn diaorg.. because I dont really know Megan.. She's very quiet... But, tabahkan hati.. Cewah.. After 3 months of living together, I can consider myself as being the luckiest person ever ~ My housemates are soooo cool ~ They are very helpful and tak byk kerenah... We share lots of interest together.. Can even go shopping and watch movies with them... Megan has a car, so kadang2 ktorg g TESCO beli groceries together... Well, byk org ingat duduk dgn locals akan bawak byk prob... Mcm diaorg akan minum and mabuk, party and mcm2 lg.. But to tell the truth, it all depends on how we choose our friends and how we respect them... Until today, they have been very understanding... Megan and Jen mmg jenis yang tak kuar malam.. they don't drink in the house ~ And they know what I can and can't eat ~ Which is kind of cool ~ haha..

Sejak 2nd year ni jugakla I got to know more people in my course.. I think it's because I'm living with locals... So, dah tak segan la nak merapu ngan locals.. haha.... And because of all my local friends, my english is getting better.. Cewah ~ Communicate more in English and now I'm more confident to talk in English.. I'm trying to make more friends now because nanti ble dah stat placements, I might end up with somebody that I don't know ~ huhu... But tu cerita lambat lg la ~ Kesimpulannya... I like my new circle of friends... It's getting better everyday ~

My room

Friends ~
Me and Jen.. (takde gambar Megan)

So, that's the story about my new home ~ A good house + good company = HOME ~

Missing Megan n Jen already ~ huhu.. But the most important thing is.. I'm missing my real home ~

Hwyl ~

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Last Day of Term ~

Yeeehaaa ~

Still waiting for some pics from Sanam... but i still want to post this...

Yesterday was my last Welsh lesson.. Ade exam.. Written and oral... It was OK ~ The written exam tu mcm soalan bocor la.. Coz she told us to hafal our essay (coursework).. So, that was fine.. but during oral exam.. lawak gle... Cakap ikut suka hati.. Bersyukur dapat partner yg best... haha.. Plus Miss Sian was very nice.... She said she gave us 60++ haha.... Well, I'm soo gonna miss Welsh lessons.. Sgt2 best.. Had soo much fun laughing at each other cause sume tak reti nak pronounce welsh words...

N then after that.. Helped to distribute daging korban ~ haha.. Ade daging korban.. so COOL ~ haha....

Finally, went to Cambiran Point at 9 (Cambiran Point tu is a private Hall... )Spent the last day of the term with Sanam, Deluxsy, Katie, Anna, Jen, Ron and Rob..Had dinner, cake, played Wii and cards... Crazy ~ I want a Wii !!!!! Balik rumah kul 2.30 pagi.. Nasib baik la Cambrian Point tu 5 mins je from Mynachdy Road.. Thanx to Katie yang sanggup abiskan petrol and hantar Jen & I balik... hehe.... Last night was AMAZING ~ Had soo much fun..

And woke up early this morning sbb Megan nak drive balik Bristol kul 9 pg.. So, helped her to load her car ~ And then, said bye2... I'm soo gonna miss her ~ haha... Jen went back to bed after that but I decided to clean my room ~ Yeah.. My room was in a mess last few days sbb ade Welsh exam, and stats presentation.. So, my room now is nice and clean.. heeeee.....

What's next ?? Need to study anatomy cause ade exam on the 8th of Jan... What ??? yeah...

Tada ~

Strictly Come Dancing ~ My new addiction !

Hallo ~

I'm living with two SCD addicts in the house.. They got me into this addiction.. For people back home, SCD ni mcm Sehati Berdansa.. But yang lainnya they are not dancing with their spouse, tp dgn profesional dancers ~ And I got addicted to it a few weeks ago.. I'm a big fan of Tom Chambers while Megan and Jen sgt2 suka Austin (England Rugby player)... Austin left last week... huhu... So, the the girls were a bit upset.. Yeah, we want Tom and Austin to be in the final.. haha...

Back to the main story.. Today's show was a bit emotional.. haha.. Tom was at the bottom of the board.. (Sedih).. so, went upstairs and decided to do something nice.. Jd, tulis la blog.. Called Katie and told her that Tom is leaving the show.. (Katie is my friend~)

Me n Katie

And then, the big news is ~ Tom is in final !!! Haha.. It's all because they decided to have 3 couples in the final instead of 2.. yeah ~ Tom n Camilla cried ~ huhu..

But... Tak leh tgk final because time tu ade kat Spain... Man.. Gosh... But, Megan n Katie will try to record it for me... Yeah.. Kesimpulannya I'm addicted to SCD now.. But, that's the only thing that we watch together.. Spent hours talking about SCD... So, can't wait for the final... ~

Tom & Camilla

Ok.. Sehingga di lain kali ~

Tada ~


Welcome Husniyah ~

Assalamualaikum.. Hallo ~

Husniyah in the house.. My family has been asking me to create my won blog for quite a long time... I just can't see myself writing a blog... But tonight, I decided to have it a go since I have nothing to do... My housemates have gone home for Christmas Hols ~ So, just me, myself and I in the house..

So, enjoy ~