Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It's the waiting game !

Gosh.. I hate this time around of the year.. Waiting and waiting and waiting.. and ended up stressing out ! People keeps on asking about results... Today, my consultant thought I have got my results and graduated from med school ! WAAAAAAAAA... Cuak la mcm ni...

p/s : got an ABG today.. success ! yey

Monday, 26 March 2012

Rhyl - Revisit

I am back in North Wales again.. HELLO ! Glan Clwyd Hospital, we meet again.. This time around I'm doing consolidation or student assistantship... Basically shadowing the F1 of the team that you'll be working with come August.. But since I'm not working here in the UK, I was just given a team where their future F1 is not here at the moment (ie from University other than Cardiff).. Hence, UROLOGY !

Finished very early today.. Did some bloods earlier and was told not to bother coming back after lunch since there's nothing that needs to be done anyway.. I'm bored to death already.. Lucky us in Rhyl, they have upgraded the internet... AMAZING.. Way faster than it used to be when I was year more than a year ago..

And guess what ? They have also installed a TV in each room ! HOOOYEAH !!! So, enjoy the pics of my crib for the next 4 weeks :)

Post exam

Alhamdulillah.. What is left now is just doa and tawakal... A day after the exam, I went to Manchester to visit one my friend.. Actually my deskmate back when I was in KMB.. It was lovely meeting them again and reminiscing the good old days.. :)

Old Trafford.. Not that I am a football fan.. And didn't even go in for the tour as I did it already in 1st year. 

Teh and Madihah..

Trafford Centre.. AMAZING !
Will have to wait for the results.. Another week and a bit to go !

Thursday, 15 March 2012


So, the timetable for finals ! :|

5 March 2012, 9 am - SBA paper - 3 hours
6 March 2012, 9 am - Data Interpretation Paper - LT1
14 March 2012 9am - OSCE A
15 March 2012, 11am - OSCE B

Please please please pray for us..

Sunday, 4 March 2012


It's tomorrow.. InsyaAllah the start of the end.. After 5 years..

Please pray for the Cardiff-peeps.. Ameen..