Monday, 18 July 2011

Sudah jatuh, ditimpa beg... :P


Berharap sgt the day will get better.. After an amazing day in weekend, I would consider today as quite eventful.. Had clinic in the morning.. and then theatre.. Sangat la lama dok berdiri sampai nak patah pinggang.. and then kena grill mcm tak hengat.. mmg rasa BODOH gle smpai nak nangis.. serius boleh rasa mata nak berair.. Sebab my friend scrubbed in... So, diri sendiri jadi terkapai.. Rasa mcm org bodoh gle.. I was like, serious ke aku ni nak grad next year !!!!!

And then, I did ask some people for a lift to go home.. But then, sebab theatre tu abis lmbt, mcm terpaksa la mintak kebenaran nak kuar awal sebab takut kena tinggal.. berlari2 la ke common room smpai nak pengsan..

Bila balik je rumah, terus solat and amik beg nak g beli brg kat kedai sebab weekend aritu tak de kat Cardiff nak wat food shopping.. Lepas tu, payung pulak dah tewas di London.. Skang plak tgh hujan memanjang.. berjalan smpai Sainsbury utk beli payung murah just for the next few days kalo nak hancur pun... Lepas tu, berjalan la balik... Then, the big event came up... sorang laki kulit hitam datang dekat2.. mula2 dia ckp sket2.. pastu dia mula rapat... and then, ingat nak amik jalan pintas balik rumah.. tgk2 dia ikut lagi.. I stopped, he stopped as well.. So, i decided to stay on Crwys Road and kept on walking really fast.. and mamat ni dok tanya mcm2 lagi... jantung mmg mcm nak tercabut dah sebab cuak nye pasal... then, terus jalan masuk cafe, but he stopped me and said, "Can I follow u ?" Terus ckp NO.. Masuk je cafe, bgtau kat mamat cafe tu kata laki ni ikut.. Laki tu mmg masuk cafe... terus kena halau dgn mamat cafe tu.. Phew... Nasib baik penah pegi cafe tu, so, the owner tu mcm dah kenal la.. haish... mmg cuak tak hengat... And then, the cafe guy suro duduk kat cafe dia smpai dia sure laki tu blah.. laki tu tunggu kat luar kot.. so, I rang lauren suro dtg amik.. and the cafe owner ckp dia leh suro staff dia walk me home.. But I said it's fine.. Serious CUAKS !!!!

And then, balik rumah, nak masak dinner, tp dah lmbt.. so, masukkan je mknan dlm oven.. then I dropped it in the oven.. tgh panas2 tu kena try kutip.. haish.... ape la nasib ku hari ni...

Now have to go and try to finish of my LEAs... :(

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bounce ~

Something happened yesterday.. And as usual I was being a drama queen and got panic !!! So, had sleepless nights.. and felt like I did not want to go in to placement today...

But luckily, it made a turn ! Feeling much better now.. Phew...

Nak cte kat blog pun malu.. satgi ada org terbaca plak.. but some people are just good at making u feel better ! teeehee... nasib baik.. kalo tak maybe dah quit med school after yesterday.. haha

okie dokie.. less than 2 weeks to MALAYSIA !!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My kitchen !

I made nasi lemak.. sambal udang and ikan bilis goreng last sunday.. jamu kwn2 yg tlg time pindah...and they loved it !


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Saturday, 2 July 2011

My blackberry

Ola.. I am now officially in Malefant Street... And I thought that I won't be able to update or use the internet at all for the next few days... until Wednesday.. but then, a friend of mine suggested that I use my blackberry as a modem.. and it works.. as long as I don't exceed 500MB.. owh well.. ;)

So, I have finished unpacking yesterday.. and did some bits and bobs today.. so, here are the pictures of my new room.. Smaller than before, but I don't really mind..

Forgot to take the photo of my chest of drawers.. but can't be bothered.. hehe.. Will need to go and do a massive food shopping tomorrow..

And will be starting surgery placement on Monday.. for 3 weeks.. I got GI team.. yewwww.... tak suka..

p/s : Have been connected for about 20 minutes and have used about 15MB so far..