Saturday, 21 April 2012

Liverpool with doctors


We went to Liverpool.. Rombongan sekolah in 2 cars.. We (Salad, Syafeeq and Me) left Rhyl and stopped by Wrexham to meet up the other 4... I didn't bring my camera so had to wait for Mia and Hafiz to send me theirs.. So, here's a few of them..


Us at the Beatles Museum

Peserta rombongan at Albert Dock

Class of 2012 (Not in picture : Kabi, Shakira, Hazirah)

My next post ? Maybe in Malasyia :)

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Alhamdullilah.. The only thing I can say at the moment.. Got my results today, and made it.. 5 years of medical school.. insyaAllah worth it.. Only 2 more weeks of assistantship to go and then back to Malaysia for electives..

Only Allah knows how I felt last night and this morning.. Felt sick ! And panic.. and at the same time I forgot my student number causing me a minor heart attack when I couldn't find my number on the pass list.. But I was actually looking for a wrong number..

There's a few people that deserve the well wishes more than me.. They are my parents (Mama and Abah) and not to forget the siblings.. And yeah Adlina, Ariff and Amira contributed as well by being super duper cheeky and made me smile when I was under a lot of stress !

So, let's start another countdown.. insyaAllah Malaysia in 2 weeks time !

p/s : Kalau dah abis belajar ni, what's next ? Kahwin ?