Friday, 30 December 2011

Saya budak gemuk

Currently on my way back from London.. Kering dah poket shopping ! Hehe.. And had ben's cookies ! Nyum :) Thanks nad for the accomodation. See u soon

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Makan garam

We played picture millionaire last night. After 2 days of shopping, we decided maybe its time to start earning some money back (kidding). So, while we were playing, the girls said I know quite a lot compared to them. (Wink wink). But then, their justification is, I am about 2 years older than them. So, they said 'you dah banyak makan garam dari ktorg'.
Lepas tu sume gelak guling2. Used kabi as my talian hayat for one of the questions and he got it wrong ! Haha.
P/S : now off to London to cause some more damage to my bank account ! :)

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Good food

This year, we decided to do a small dinner in the house as the girls suggested we do secret santa..And we had our celebration the weekend before Meena went home for the holidays.. We (I mean mostly me) cooked chicken roast, lamb roast, roast potatoes with carrots and parsnips, yorkshire puddings and some vegetables.. 

And the next day, I made chicken chop :))

Roast potates, carrots and parsnips

Roast chicken

Fat Husniyah with her plate full of food

Datin with her pressies

p/s : My christmas break officially starts today after comm skills workshop and submitting my portfolio online !

Winter wonderland

This took place weeks ago.. But just decided to post it now since I'm quite free at the moment.. Just finished GP and submitted my portfolio :)

We went to GBK for dinner, and then walked in town to enjoy the lights before heading off to winter wonderland. We didn't skate but decided to go on the ride instead.. Did scream for the first 2 minutes but then enjoyed the breathtaking view of Cardiff after that..

Queen Street
Watching people skating. Very therapeutic

108 Malefant Girls while waiting for the ride 

The ride itself.. It was freezing when we were at the top 

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Yes.. I was a vampire all day long.. Did the bloods in the surgery.. since not much going on, so, I had some practice today.. Quite confident with it now.. I have one person that I should thank to for that.. :)))))

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Things that keep me going :)

Skyping with the kids have always been my favourite.. They are just adorable ! (sape tak puji anak sedara sendiri kan ??)

So, here are the few ones that I can't stop thinking about and always make me smile..

Adlina : Mak cik, nanti beli present eh ?
Me : Adlina nak ape ?
Adlina : Nak buku la. Teacher kata buku matematik.
Me : Ok, tgk la.. nanti mak cik beli.. Chocolate tak nak ?
Adlina : Tak yah la.. Tp, acu nak choc
Me : Amira ?
Adlina : Dia kecik lagi.. mana boleh mkn..
Me : Tp, mak cik blk bulan 4.. amira dah besar nanti..
Adlina : oooo.. dah one year ke ? Mak cik belajar nak jadi ape ?
Me : Doktor
Adlina : Adlina pun.. tp, tak belajar jauh2.. dekat shah alam je.. :))))))
Me : Ariff ?
Adlina : Dia jadi polis.. Amira jd teacher..

And there are just lots more that I would love to share here.. unfortunately, I'm so tired after a long day in surgery.. InsyaAllah will finish my GP placement soon.. Next week it is ! Alhamdulillah, not as bad as I expected.. But then, nanti mesti sedih sebab dah enjoy plak placement ni.. plus, by then end of this block, it means that I am a block away from FINALS !! argh !

Monday, 12 December 2011

A little bit on Monmouth

So, that is the main road that I usually take to the surgery... That's their high street ! quite small isn't it ?

There's quite a lot of stuff to talk about.. Fact of the day that I have learned today is, Monmouth is considered as one of the most posh town in the Wales or maybe UK ! hehe.. No wonder la.. The houses are big and nice... And org shopping makanan kat waitrose or marks and spencer ! Tu la kedai diaorg.. everyday, saya lunch makan food from these 2 shops ! kering poket kot !

Ok la.. need to get back to my portfolio.. dah buat all 5 compulsory LEAs and PLP.. But rasa nak buat satu extra just in case I need them.. :)